How does it work?

Scan the code

Go to the Google Play Store (Android) or the App Store (I-OS) and search for example for “VWS” or “Flowerbulbs” or scan the QR code if you are reading this on your desktop and install the APP. During first use Lilium will be automatically selected. If you also would like to download the other product groups (Tulip, Gladioli and Iris) just select them in the APP and download them.

flowerbulbs app vws

You can update the APP by clicking on UPDATA in the MENU, you will get various choices. Here you can select which product group(s) you would like to update and in which resolution. For mobile phones we recommend using the low resolution and for tablets the high resolution. When changes are made to the assortment, an update notification will be displayed at the bottom of the screen. 

After downloading you are in possession of the first, fastest and also offline working flower bulb APP with extensive information.

Now press the product group of your choice or search via the search function at the top for a variety. When you have found the variety you are looking for, you can click on “information” at the bottom of the screen. You will then see the detailed information.

The APP will be updated regularly and new varieties are continuously added. The APP works completely without internet connection, however when you do have data connection it will inform you about possible updates. When an update is available, an exclamation mark will appear at the bottom of the screen. On top of that, a new text will appear in the “Info Message” block. There are also a few options in the menu that do require an internet connection.  

For questions, suggestions and comments, you can use the contact button on the home screen. Besides that, for questions you can also contact our IT department. 

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