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UGS : 7521 Catégorie :


Bulb sizes 20/22 18/20 16/18 14/16 12/14
Buds 5/7 4/6 3/5 2/4
Bulbs per sqm 30/40 40/50 50/60 60/65 65/70


Informations complémentaires





Growing speed

110-120 days

Hauteur de la plante

100-110 cm

Convient à



12/14 (400 Bulbes de fleurs par caisse), 14/16 (300 Bulbes de fleurs par caisse), 16/18 (200 Bulbes de fleurs par caisse), 18/20 (150 Bulbes de fleurs par caisse), 20/22 (125 bulbes par caisse), 22/24 (85 bulbs per crate)

All our varieties are protected by plant breeders' rights. Propagation of this variety without a valid license agreement is strictly prohibited. Only intended for one-off flower production, one-off cultivation or dry sale. The propagating material must be destroyed after heating. The prohibition on multiplication described above must be stipulated by the buyer as a perpetual clause for all subsequent sales up to the end user. Under conditions, contained in the trade regulations for the flower bulb trade.

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